Boone Hall Mt. Pleasant
Charleston, SC Plantation

What You Need to Know: Strawberry Patch Programs

Sharing the following information with students, teachers, and chaperones will ensure that you fully enjoy your visit.

    1. We must receive your payment a week before your program. Payment should include all students and chaperones who are attending the program. Payment will be accepted in the form of one check from your organization, organization credit card or in cash at our office. Personal checks cannot be accepted from chaperones. Refunds will only be given on a case by case basis with approval from the owner.
    2. The U-Pick Field is located on Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant. Do not enter from the Long Point Road entrance. Plan to arrive at the Strawberry Patch 5 -10 minutes in advance. If you need specific directions go to the Boone Hall Plantation website, or contact us at (843)884-4371.
    3. If your group is going to be 15 or more minutes late, please contact Michael Hedden at (843)884-4371. This allows us to handle any overlap that may be created with groups who are coming later in the day. Please bear in mind, if your group is 15 or more minutes late, you may not get the full program or your program may be pushed to a later time slot. We will make every effort to accommodate you; however groups who arrive at their scheduled time will receive their programs first.
    4. Expectations for student behavior on the field trip should be the same as for the classroom. It is the responsibility of the teachers and chaperones to maintain control of the group.
    5. Dress appropriately for the weather. Groups will participate in outdoor activities and tours. We will only cancel the program if there is lightening or other dangerous weather. A little rain does not count.
    6. Wear shoes that are closed-toed and can get dirty. Dress in layers. This allows adjustment of comfort level by adding or removing clothing. Hats and coats are essential in cold or wet weather especially during morning programs.

      Note: Bring water for your students. There are no drinking facilities anywhere at the U-Pick Field.

    7. Port-a-johns are located on the side of the U-Pick Tent. Please arrive early enough for a restroom break before the program if needed.
    8. You are welcome to bring a lunch to eat after the program is completed. Picnic tables are reserved for your group under the U-Pick Tent. Please use only those tables that are reserved for your group as other groups also have tables reserved.
    9. We have snacks and other food items available for sale.

A Boone Hall Plantation representative will contact you about a week before your program to assist with any special needs, questions or concerns you may have or you may contact Michael Hedden at (843)884-4371 or email at to register your school.