Boone Hall Mt. Pleasant
Charleston, SC Plantation

We have twelve education programs for your students to choose from that are presented throughout the school year. For reservations or more information call (843) 884-4371 or email our Education Staff at All programs must be paid for in advance of the day you arrive. To request a reservation, please click here.


Year Round Programs
* Education programs do not include house tours.
Cost: $10.00 Students, $10.00 Chaperones, Teachers Free

Exploring The Past
Join our education staff as they take your students on a tour of the grounds around Boone Hall Plantation. Learn about the beginning of Boone Hall and the workings of a Carolina Plantation.  more info >
Cash Crops on a Plantation
Agriculture played a major role in the early economic development of the plantation. Students will learn about the economic history of a South Carolina plantation and about the impact of cash crops.  more info >
Students are led by our education staff on a journey of discovery while experiencing the natural history of Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens.
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Discovering Nature   
Some of the beauty and mysteries of nature are revealed to students through this new Boone Hall program that is both educational and fun!  more info >

Seasonal Programs

* Education programs do not include house tours unless specified.


Beyond the Big House
Join our education staff as they discuss what slavery was like on a Carolina Plantation.  more info >
Butterflies and Botany 
Students explore the world of butterflies and learn of their close relationship with plants and the environment.  more info >
Butterflies and Strawberries 
Discover the relationship between butterflies and strawberries.
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Pickin’ in the Strawberry Patch 
Students walk out into the strawberry fields to discover how a strawberry grows.  more info >
Pickin’ in the Pumpkin Patch 
Learn all about pumpkins by exploring our pumpkin patch. 
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Outreach Programs

Educators from Boone Hall Plantation will come to your school to teach about the topics below…
Cost: $225.00 per 40 students, $5.00 per additional students (mileage will be applied outside of 50 miles from plantation)

Butterfly Life Cycle (April to September)
See the different stages of the butterfly’s life cycle.
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Pumpkin Life Cycle (October) 
Learn all about this fall favorite, both inside and out. 
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